LSK Productions

Our Services

01 Creative & Strategy

Our creative team work closely with you to untangle, challenge and enhance projects from the outset. Together, we’ll design a holistic production strategy that achieves the optimum outputs. Always with your objectives, budget and audience at the forefront.

02 Pre-production

We take care of all pre-production and logistics required to ensure shoots run as smoothly as possible and within budget. We’ll source the best crew, scriptwriters, set designers, equipment, locations 
- you name it, we’ll organise it.

03 Production

We take pride in our cool, calm and collected sets - the nicest vibes enable the best work in our opinion. Nurturing creativity, we always go the extra mile to capture the most exciting shots, with the latest equipment - to bring your vision to life.

04 Post-Production

    Our post-production team of video editors, VFX artists, animators and sound designers work with agility to fine-tune and amplify the raw footage. We ensure the final cut is one we can all be proud of and really resonates with audiences.