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St Mungo's - Justin & Gunner's Story


St Mungo's - Justin & Gunner's Story

Episode 3/3.
We teamed up with the amazing St Mungos homeless charity to create a series of short films, in the hope of raising more awareness around the issue of homelessness in our country. Since Covid the homeless crisis has only worsened, and many more souls are out on the streets with nowhere to turn to.
I wanted to highlight some of these peoples stories and also show how their wonderful pet companions help them get through the day.
I spent good time with these guys, hearing of their hardships and life on the street. It really struck me how it can just take a few wrong turns and a string of bad luck for somebody to end up homeless. Their dogs/pets have often been the only thing that has saved them.
We live in a world where people can slip through the cracks almost totally unnoticed if there is no support system of close friends or family to help them back up onto their feet. The work St Mungos do is truly inspiring and it has been an amazing experience contributing these films to their cause.
They are one of the only charities in the UK that accept pets in their hostels, so please donate today and help save 2 peoples lives.

Shot on Kowa Anamorphic lenses on the Alexa mini.